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piechartPrevention of child sexual abuse is an adult responsibility, and we know this topic can be hard to navigate.

That’s why Bailey Bee is a great resource for parents and their children. This educational program that teaches body safety, along with every adult being educated, can help prevent abuse from happening.

Watching the Bailey Bee DVD with our child and educating ourselves is the best place to start.



Bailey Bee Believes
"This informative DVD empowers our children and teaches valuable life lessons; Bailey Bee makes it fun.

Jennifer’s goal to raise awareness of sexual abuse for families with small children is right on target."


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Stay Ahead of a Sexual Predator…

Stay Ahead of a Sexual Predator…

When discussing the topic of child sexual abuse with most adults, I tend to get inquisitive looks or blank stares, when I first address the subject of grooming. The looks are usually followed with the question, “What is grooming?” Most often, adults think of grooming as brushing a child’s hair. Unfortunately, in the language used to discuss child sexual abuse and the behavior of the sexual predator, this word is far worse and has implications that actually harm a child. Grooming is highly manipulative behavior carried out to desensitize the victim and to create a trusting relationship with the family. Grooming the family is a technique utilized by the sexual… Continue Reading

Who Sexually Abuses Children, Anyway?

Who Sexually Abuses Children, Anyway?

Thinking back to the Disney movies that portrayed the “bad guys” when I was growing up makes me realize that the portrayal of a “bad guy” can get us in trouble. Unfortunately, those portrayals may also be stuck in some of your minds and can be dangerous to hold onto. That is why today, I will be discussing the reality of the real “bad guy” and what that can really look like so that you are able to better protect your own children from child sexual abuse. Speaking of Disney, they finally got it right for my children’s generation! When I watched the movie Frozen for the first time, I… Continue Reading